The rest of Leigh’s trip went well, and then two days after she left, I left myself to visit my friend Amber in Germany. I’ve been here since Tuesday, and I leave tomorrow morning. It’s been amazing! Germany during Christmas is the most magical place on earth. There are Christmas markets everywhere and everyone goes out to enjoy the shopping and delicious food. Amber’s school is in Bremen, so I spent most of my time there, but she had an exam on Wednesday, so I took a day trip to Hamburg. I explored the city and stopped by every Christmas market I stumbled upon (according to the map that the tourist information booth gave me there are twelve in Hamburg during December, and I found about four or five).

Last night Amber and her roommate took me to the local Bremen Christmas markets and we spent a few hours exploring and sampling lots of Christmas goodies.

Amber and her roommate, Hannah, in front of our first food booth, where we split a toasted tomato and mozarella baguette

Today we went to the school’s Christmas choir performance, which was wonderful! Once again, I have an early morning flight (cheaper that way), so I’m off to bed in hopes of being somewhat awake when we get up at 4 am.

Happy Holidays from Germany!

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